Transforming Communities

11th Jun 2018

Great Places & Greenfingers are working together with the local council to develop and transform underused & run down open spaces for residents. 

The space at the junction of Chelmsford Street and Werneth Hall Road in Oldham has been an eye sore for a number of years and was chosen as the first targeted area. 

Identifying ‘grot spots’

Through the Coppice and Primrose Bank Neighbourhood Plans, David Stewart and Sheila Bishop from the Great Places Oldham Housing Team, highlighted a number of underused, neglected and untidy communal assets which aren’t owned by Great Places. These “grot spots” are targeted by people fly-tipping rubbish which is increasing the drain on public services as well as being an eyesore for the community. 

Our vision is to work with the Local Authority, Local Businesses, Key Stakeholders, Schools, Religious groups and Local Residents to improve these “grot spots” which we hope will inspire local residents to be proud of their neighbourhood. 

 Greenfingers Director Tia Loving commented:

“We were grateful to be invited by Great Places to get involved with a scheme like this and transform a wasted piece of land. This is now an area for residents to enjoy and be proud of. It has been a pleasure working on this project and transforming this open space, which we will continue to maintain as part of our contract with Great Places. We hope the residents enjoy their new space and look forward to the next community project.”

Transformation plans 

Greenfingers provide grounds maintenance services across Coppice, which also includes the Oldham PFI project, and generously provided £4,500 of staff labour for this project as well as the design expertise. Funding for materials came from Great Places Housing Group and Oldham Council. 

David Stewart, Neighbourhood Coordinator, Great Places Housing Group commented: 

“As you can see from the pictures the area has seen a huge transformation. It is great to showcase how collaborative working can provide great results for the community, this old dumping ground has been transformed into a pleasant usable space for the community.” 

Plans for this year include the transformation of 3 other local areas, as well as an underused kick pitch. Greenfingers will continue to be a key partner in the delivery of all environmental tasks identified on the neighbourhood plan. 

Accreditations & Certifications