Fly-Tipping Removal

Greenfingers provide a quick, safe and cost effective fly- tipping removal service; supporting customers to maintain a clean environment for vehicles and pedestrians. Should a fly-tipping incident occur on your grounds, we will work to ensure that the waste is removed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It is important to inspect and remove fly-tipped waste quickly as waste left lying tends to attract other waste and can pollute water and soil and attract unwanted vermin. Before removal, Greenfingers conduct an initial risk – assessment to ensure the safe removal of waste.


Greenfingers offer a same day response service for fly-tipping incidents. Prompt removal is essential as failure to remove fly-tipped waste can result in a large fine. Greenfingers hold a waste carriers license and operatives are trained in identifying Asbestos.  You can be sure you are removing the waste correctly and complying with Government legislation.

Greenfingers local teams attend sites, inspect fly-tipped rubbish and use necessary equipment and PPE to safely clear rubbish; waste is separated and recycled where possible and safely disposed of.

Fly-tipping Services

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