Pressure washing

We know that first impressions count, so ensuring your sites look good is important. We’re experts in looking after your grounds and now offer a comprehensive Pressure Washing Service, deep cleaning hard surfaces so they look good and remain in good condition.

Pressure washing (also known as power washing) uses a highly pressurised water jet to blast away dirt, moss, lichens, algae and even chewing gum from hard surfaces. It improves the appearance of hard surfaces & also makes them less slippery, which is important for health & safety, particularly on steps and pathways.


The Greenfingers team use a commercial high-pressure power washer with an on board 1000 litre water tank, high pressure hose, hydraulic reels and a range of cleaning solutions including graffiti removal. Pressure can be altered to accommodate lighter jobs such as decking, and heavier jobs to remove grime from driveways, paths and car park areas. This specialist, heavy-duty equipment enables the Greenfingers team to cover large areas quickly and efficiently, giving hard surfaces a new lease of life!

Pressure washing services:

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