Shalfleet’s Big Dig

27th Jan 2021

In support of Clarion Housing, we’re delighted to have completed a major overhaul on the Shalfleet estate allotment last year. The allotment grounds had seen better days – the outside area was massively overgrown and needed some TLC.

Not to fear, the Greenfingers team were up for the job and ready to get stuck in. During their time on-site, the team managed to prep the beds and provide all the tools needed for the residents to come down and have a go. A problem shared, is a problem halved!

The allotment was tidied up beforehand, ensuring that when the residents came down to clear the other beds, the allotment was fully functional and ready for the residents to maintain and start their planting.

Tia Loving, Director of Operations at Greenfingers commented “We’re delighted with the finished result and it’s clear how hard the team worked to get everything done in time. I’m sure the residents of the estate will enjoy getting their fingers green when the weather picks up!”

For more information on Clarion House, please visit their website here.

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