Helping Manchester Metropolitan University Maintain Campus Excellence…

10th Dec 2020

We are delighted to announce that Greenfingers has won a new 4-year contract with Manchester Metropolitan University worth over £1m. Our work with Manchester Metropolitan has already begun and we’re honoured to play a key role in helping the university maintain a highly presentable campus for their students, staff and visitors.

With around 34,000 students, Manchester Metropolitan University is a well-known and respected university campus based in the heart of Manchester. Due to the large number of people accessing the grounds every day, it’s crucial that we not only guarantee the grounds look presentable but that they are safe and accessible to all.

There will be a dedicated cleansing team onsite, keeping the site free of litter and debris, as well as emptying both the main and recyclable bins and generally keeping everything looking spick and span. Come the summer months, there will be an additional 4 operatives on the team to maintain the grounds around the site to the highest standard. The work will include regular grass cutting, hedge pruning, weed control and bedding maintenance.

The team will also be assisting the University in meeting its environmental and sustainability initiatives through the maintenance of the Birley Fields orchard and wetland areas and the increased usage of battery-powered equipment. This will reduce the carbon emissions involved in the delivery of the service and reduce noise pollution for our residential students and the local community.

Throughout the winter, we’ll continue to deliver our adverse weather services to keep the site gritted as the temperatures hit zero and below. Whilst also being on hand for any emergencies including snow removal and tree works.

We look forward to taking the lead in providing attractive new bedding plants for the garden areas, including seasonal floral displays, planters and hanging baskets.

Tia Loving, Director of Operations, commented “It’s a huge achievement for Greenfingers and the team to win this contract and I can’t wait to see the results. The project is one that the team are looking forward to working on, knowing that the services we deliver will have a positive impact for those on campus. We’re looking forward to getting stuck in and delivering for Manchester Metropolitan.”


If you would like to find out more about the project, please follow us on social media where we will be posting regular updates including the winter bedding display.


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