Greenfingers help The Crossley Centre ‘Bee the best they can be!’

18th Oct 2019

In support of Great Places Housing Group, Greenfingers partnered up to help The Crossley Centre attract butterflies and bees to their planters. Greenfingers provided the labour and materials to dig out an existing plant bed that was at The Crossley Centre in time for Great Places to plant some new bulbs and plants for their grounds.

The existing planter was originally designed for residents with the intention to use it for growing their own herbs and veg, however due to the location of the planter, it was not the right fit. We decided that the best option would be to remove all the old disused plants and weeds to make way for new shrubs; giving The Crossley Centres greenery a new life. Greenfingers worked together with Great Places by planting hypericum in order to match the two other planters that are next to this one.

Additionally, Greenfingers worked on improving the general appearance of area, transforming Crossley Centre’s green space. The Crossley Centre has never looked better, and we are so proud to have worked on this project to improve the grounds for the community in Oldham.

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