Fly tipping clearing at Agnes Street

4th Nov 2021

Agnes Alley street before and after fly tipping removal

Our Greenfingers team member Ryan did a fantastic job in Manchester clearing this street alley. Unfortunately, as you can see from the images, these alleys were littered with rubbish that has been dumped making it difficult to find a clear path through.

Following a bit of TLC, the litter was removed along with weeds, tree and bushes that had become overgrown and unsightly. Once these had been cleared, it was time to remove additional moss that had gathered on the paths.

Ensuing these paths are kept cleared not only makes the area more presentable, but it also keeps the area safe for local residents to enjoy.

During the autumn and winter months, pathways can become particularly dangerous with leaves and moss and that is why the work that Greenfingers carry out is essential to allow local residents to enjoy their area in safe surroundings.

Get in touch today to find out how the Greenfingers team can help out in your local area. 

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