Did you know grounds maintenance can be a prevention method for damp and mould?

8th Dec 2022

Following the tragic death of Aawab Ishak, there’s a clear focus on the issue of mould in social housing. 120,000 social housing properties have problems with condensation and mould, three times the proportion of privately owned homes, and rising energy prices mean that the problem is getting worse!

This is a defining moment for the social housing sector, and the Social Housing Regulator has written to registered providers highlighting their responsibility to take action to protect tenants from hazardous damp and mould.


How grounds maintenance helps prevent damp & mould

The key to preventing damp and mould in a tenanted property is making sure that the property is well-maintained and well-ventilated.

Cleaning regimes and tenant activities can assist with this, but there are limits to how much you can influence residents’ behaviours. This is especially true with rising energy prices, as tenants are more likely to keep windows closed and turn off their heating, which can increase damp and mould problems.

In terms of general prevention for the property, it’s good practice for grounds maintenance to focus on damp prevention activities, especially in colder months.


Greenfingers grounds maintenance services that reduce the risk of damp & mould include:


Full evidence that demonstrates systems to identify and deal with damp and mould, including before and after photos, helps you monitor & reduce risk, protects tenants and provides evidence for regulators.

Let Greenfingers help you to reduce the risk of dampness & mould by maintaining your property exterior. Get in touch for your free quote, email info@greenfingers-group.co.uk or call 0161 388 7210

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